MemAv 1.2

A useful free tool to monitor the amount of memory available in your system
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MemAv is a free tool that will discreetly monitor your system’s memory to let you know, in real time, how many resources the active applications are taking up. By placing a thin bar at the top of your screen, you will constantly be aware of the amount of available memory left in your system. It gives you information about both the physical memory and the pagefile memory.

MemAv’s bar will change colour as your available memory gets lower. If it gets too low (the colour of the bar turns red) then you may need to close some windows and applications which might be taking up too much memory. MemAv will help you to detect “memory leaks” – programs which do not restore to the operating system the memory they use while they are active. When this happens, you can use MemAv’s buttons to exit Windows, or even reboot your system, with just one click, right before your system collapses and all your active data is lost.

MemAv also includes a screen capture functionality that will help you to know which applications are open at a given time. You can either take a snap of the whole screen (including the mouse pointer), or select a portion of it. You also have the chance to hide your desktop icons before capturing the screen, giving you a cleaner background.

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